Friday, 20 August 2010

Hey to all my fellow bloggers out there in the virtual world. wanted to let you all know that I will be missing for a few days. thats because Im busy doing samples for the very fabulous Sarah Hurley and also because my Gran is seriously ill in hospital :O( so between the two I will be very occupied! take care all. Nicky xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Missing In Action!

I am sorry for my lack of blog action lately. not really had much to say after being confined to bed for almost a week but i'm up and about again now. woo hoo!
have spent the day sorting out my craft room with my extemely patient husband. after a whole afternoon at it its still not done but at least i can get in the door now! (yes it really was that bad!) Its amazing what you forget you have and how much you have. I have now got 6 plastic storage tubs full as well as my shelves and umpteen baskets. may even be brave and take a photo (if I get it finished).
I am currently half way through my samples for My Craft Studio and have had some details regarding my guest designer slot for September for Sarah Hurley so its busy busy busy! Oo-er! hope the craft room can stay tidy-ish.
Well until next time
Nicky x

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

has just received my next assignment for My Craft Studio so guessing that will keep me busy for the next week or so. Unfortunately, I am in a flare up(bad spell) of my medical condition Fibromyalgia so am confined to bed but at least i can craft in bed, as long as my husband prints bits off 4 me!
Looking forward to Sarah Hurleys show on Create & Craft on Sunday morning too so at least i have got plenty to keep me occupied.
Talk to you all soon
Nicky xx